Graffiti Nails By Chante

Keeping Up WithThe Trends

Nailed It!

At Graffiti Nails, you can wear the latest nail designs fit for a queen. Rely on me when you need fab acrylic nails your friends will envy. I love what I do and I want you to look glamorous with amazing nails. You can be sure that every fill-in looks like a new set!   

When you see (and up), simply means depending on the shape and length, you can add $5.00 for each length and shape.

I use stamping plates to place intricate designs on your nails. Additionally, I can help you find the nail shape that best suits your personality. Some nail shapes you should try include:

  • Ballerina

  • Coffin

  • Square

  • Stiletto

Mid Grade -  full set  $35.00 Lush Nails
High End Grade - full set  $45.00 OPI CND Solor nails.
Getting your nails done can be affordable for everyone.

Dip Powder:




Rhinestones/Nail Art Designs


Although most of my clients are women ages 18-60, everyone is most welcome to hire me for a service. I service all of Austin, Round Rock, San